Bulk User Creation Using Powershell in Active Directory

I have created a New-ADUser Powershell script to ease adding multiple users to the Active Directory.  This script will fill in most of the available Active Directory user fields for you, so long as you modify them to suit your environment.

I have populated the fields most relevant to my needs, which may or may not be required for you.  Provided is the script, a text version of the code (same as ps1 file but txt extension so it is safe to download and view in a text editor), and also a csv file with the appropriate header fields and a test user filled out.

Please download, review, and if you find it acceptable, use it to populate your Active Directory with new users!

All I ask is that you leave the first commented section intact, but feel free to modify and distribute as you like.  If you find it helpful, or would like to see additions or modifications, I’d appreciate an email or a comment on my blog.  I really enjoy IT and making things less tedious, this script should help you accomplish those goals.


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